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Business Casual for Spring

When it comes to looking fancy, I’m usually more of a dress girl.  A dress is a comfortable one piece outfit, so what’s not to like?  But recently, I’m learning the benefits of mix-and-match, especially when running from work to school and back again.  Here, the white blazer is both business and weather appropriate, while the front zipped skirt adds a bit of funk.  The skirt’s pockets also make up for the blazer’s lack of them…

Whether at work or in class, the right outfit makes me feel ready to take on the world!

The shoes are my favorite addition.  Pretty and feminine, but practical for a busy day.  Also, I’ve yet to find an outfit that doesn’t work with bright red shoes!

Do you need multiple outfits during the day too?

– Cristy

Blazer – New York and Company, Blouse – Max Studio, Skirt – Forever21, Shoes – Jellypop


I’m a Maxxinista!

This spring weather has obviously gone to my head.  I had a couple free hours between classes yesterday, so I drove down to my local TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to take a peek…

From TJ Maxx, a Max Studio blouse.  It’s comfy and definitely versatile, plus there’s side ruching.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been obsessed with ruching and cowl necks for the last year…

TJ Maxx listed the retail price as $40, although the still-attached (!) original tag said $58.  (I got it for a much more reasonable $19.99.)

From Marshall’s, hangers!!  Believe me, there is always room for more of these in my closet…  At $9.99 for 19, they’re cheaper and nicer than any Walmart set and the felt coating will keep dresses secure (comparison price: $18).  I bought a pack of these in green previously and worried that I’d start finding green fuzzies all over everything.  Since that hasn’t happened yet, I snagged these as well!

I’ve also been looking for a walkable pair of sandals for work.  They recently changed the dresscode policy so now, if I want to wear jeans, I have to pair them with a >1 inch heel and a blazer.  I initially had nude sandals on the mind, since they’re so trendy right now, but I think I love these more!  They feel nice and secure and, with only a 2.5 inch height differential, my toes should last a 6 hour shift!  They were a bit of a splurge at $39.99, but Franco Sarto sandals generally retail for $80-100 and I should be able to pair the muted yellow with most of my wardrobe!

Anyone else excited for more summer shopping?

– Cristy

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