Tossed Cookies

Suspended Bead Earrings

When the seasons are changing, do you get the urge to make accessories?  I find they can be an easy way to update a wardrobe without spending a lot of money.  During the spring and summer, I’ve noticed I use brighter colors and more natural materials.  And spring cleaning has me reevaluating pieces I’ve had for a long time.

Here’s an easy project for when the jewelry bug hits.  All it takes is two jumbo beads, a length of chain, and earring hooks.  I’ve had the large red beads since I started college, but I could never find the right project for them.  Finally, I realized they were bright enough to stand on their own and I love how well the color shows up in my dark hair!

Aren’t they lovely?  They’re perfect for adding some fun to a casual outfit; I’ve worn them with a navy dress or a crisp white blouse and wide leg jeans.  Sometimes, you just have to let an idea grow in the back of your mind.  It may take a few days (or years!), but it’s worth the wait!

– Cristy


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