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A Triumphant Return, Indeed…

Good god, I’ve been everywhere but home…

I know, you expected me back in August, and here I am in February asking for forgiveness.  Want the quick and dirty of what’s up, down, and all around?

  • School:  A lot better.  I actually like my classes, I’m planning for the future, and instead of wishing to be out of college and done, I’m dreading the end.  It’s a good place to be!
  • Extracurrics:  Well, first there’s the volunteering at an elementary school, then the martial arts and belly dancing classes, and a peer education organization on campus I’m getting into.  So yeah, the calendar’s as full as it can get.
  • Job:  Job, what job?  I’m still looking…  Or rather, I work a lot of odd things here and there (babysitting every other weekend, and I was almost an art model, but then I wasn’t free on Tuesdays).  So, if you hear about anything fun in the UNC area, give me a call, won’t you?
  • Friends:  Old boyfriend out, with a new possibility incoming.  Such is the cycle of the serial monogamist.

And that, in 5 Bullets or Less, is the life of a college student.

As for the life of a crafter, I’ll probably start back up with the semi-regular posts soon.  Like sometime-before-June soon.

What does all this boil down to?  Yes, I’m alive and I’ve missed you all.

– Cristy


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One thought on “A Triumphant Return, Indeed…

  1. Cristy , I miss you .
    When you come back.
    I follow your work. I like your idea of ​​great craftsmanship.

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