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Teal Dress

Remember that skirt I made from a secondhand shirt?  Well, that wasn’t the only men’s shirt I grabbed.

I’ve been working on a shirt dress, borrowing a lot from Roethke’s tutorial on Craftster.  What do you think, so far?

(Ignore the weird proportions that make me look like a giant…)  Even though this is definitely my first dress and I’m having to hand sew the entire thing, it’s actually going really, really well.  So far, the hardest part was just figuring out how to get an entire dress out of a single XXL shirt.  (I haven’t decided between a halter or straps, so the tops of the bodice are tucked into my bra.)

Both the front and back panels of the bodice (4 of them) came from the front of the shirt.  The half circle skirt was a lot more difficult though…  I cut the sleeves open down the seam and got a quarter of the skirt from each sleeve.  The third quarter came from the center of the back of the shirt, and the fourth and final panel was divided into two separate pieces, which actually worked out really well.  As depicted in the extremely crappy sketch:

I still have a few seams to finish, as well as all the hems, but I think it looks pretty decent so far, despite not being ironed.  At least, the shape looks pretty good, but I’m not sure I can get past it being a *teal dress*.  Teal’s a lovely color and it doesn’t clash with my skin color, but it’s just a lot of blue at once…

Soooooo, what do you think?  Perhaps I could lessen the blueness with appropriate accessories?

– Cristy

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PS: I’ve been planning something big for Monday, so get excited!


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One thought on “Teal Dress

  1. Great Job! I think it will look pretty clean once its finished. Im still not sure about halter or straps. When I saw the front my first thought was Straps definitely. But when I saw the open back I thought that maybe halter would, in fact, be better. The color looks good but I would definitely like to see how it would work with patterns. As far as Im wondering if with the way the cuts are made, will it throw off the symmetry of the pattern being used. Anyways, Best of Luck!

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