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Cute Tank Top Update

I’ll have 2 posts today, to make up for the lack of anything recently!

First, I have this black tank top that, while it’s incredibly comfortable (and I bought it on sale ^.^), is just a bit boring.  And, since I usually pair it with a plaid skirt, the look makes me feel like a wannabe-punk teenager.  (Definitely not a good thing…)

But I was going through my mom’s button stash a few days ago and found some adorable heart-shaped buttons that I had to use.

Unfortunately, they’re shank buttons, so they lay a little funny but I love them. <3  I think they’re actually leftover buttons from the sweaters my grandmother used to knit me when I was a baby…

I think they make a sale tank from Wet Seal look like something I could’ve bought for a lot more.  Of course, it could be just as cute without the little heart buttons.  These were some others I was considering:

Yes, I’m a little bit anal about patterns and order…  And I realized the idea was definitely inspired by a picture from Gala Darling:

Have I mentioned I love her?  And I wish I could pull off bright pink hair. *jealous*  Anyone have any hair color tips for more olive skinned people?

– Cristy

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One thought on “Cute Tank Top Update

  1. Dark green! ^.^

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