Tossed Cookies

Hazard Bunny

The office where my parents work has a tradition of giving all the employees gifts for Christmas.  While the gesture is appreciated, the hazard-orange sweatshirt was not.  (The company name has been obscured.)

Of course, as soon as my mother got home, she presented it to me, begging me to do something with it.  Of course, I didn’t do anything about it until this weekend, but one awful orange sweatshirt and another kid’s Earth Day sweatshirt later…

I had Dexter, the Hazmat Bunny!

Of course, when my mother saw him the next morning, she complained that she couldn’t tell his front from his back!  *sigh*  So I added eyes.

I have to say, I’m extremely pleased with how he turned out.  Even though he’s hand-sewn, my seams look pretty decent.  I do have an embarrassing mistake confession though; I accidentally cut out two of the same side at first. >.<  Luckily, that orange sweatshirt is Huge!  I also weighted the bunny with a few scoops of plastic pellets, so he feels a bit more solid and bean-bag-y.  The tutorial and pattern are both from Kwoozy.  Now I’m tempted to make a whole army of different types of orange rabbits…  Anyone know any other fun, free patterns?

– Cristy

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