Tossed Cookies

Cupcakes = <3

As I mentioned last time, I got to visit the boyfriend this past weekend!  Before I arrived, he promised we’d get to bake something and, since I stumbled this POM Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting recipe a few days ago, it was our first choice.  (POM is a brand of pomegranate juice.)

Neither of us are exactly master bakers, so we decided to avoid deviating from the recipe too much.  We did add 1/3 cup of the juice to the frosting recipe, with the intention of adding color and flavor, but it doesn’t seem to have had an effect…  Other than that, everything went surprisingly smoothly!  Even if you don’t like pomegranates, I’d give the recipe a try.  So far, everyone who’s tried one doesn’t taste any pomegranate, but they agree the chocolate is much richer and more moist than normal.

Of course, I came home to find the first blueberries were ripe and, blueberries + cupcake?  Perfection!

Somehow, we ended up with 24 regular and 12 mini cupcakes…  but I’m not complaining!  I would definitely make these again, and try all of the other flavors of POM juice (POM Blueberry, Cherry, Mango, Kiwi, and Nectarine!).

(Pretty blueberry picture for shits and giggles:)

Any ideas for getting more flavor into the icing?  Perhaps concentrated pomegranate juice?

– Cristy

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