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June Yarn Haul!

As I’ve mentioned before, reading fashion blogs is a guilty pleasure.  One of them, The Coveted, recently posted a video of a haul of things she bought at a drugstore.  And, considering the amount of yarn I’ve gotten this past month, I thought I’d do something similar!  (Hopefully mine will be a bit shorter.  10 minutes is looooooong… >.>)

First, everything all at once!

Seriously, I want to make a big pile and dive into it.  So much better than leaf piles…

These three, you’ve seen before.  The bulky blue and maroon are my handspun wool top ($2 each) and the sport-weight, variegated purple is handspun wool/mohair ($14).

Next, Plymouth Yarn’s Galway Highland Heather.  Of course, I recognize Plymouth Yarns, but I’ve never seen this line.  It reminds me a lot of Cascade 220 Heathers, except a bit cheaper, perhaps.  Best part – It was a just-because gift from the boyfriend!  <3

I’ve mentioned these earlier as well, but at $22 total, I’m still riding a bit of a high!  (Apologies for the glare, it’s been a very North Carolinian summer…)

These, I got last weekend while visiting the boyfriend!  At $44 for the lot, it was a decent deal.  The rainbow-y one to the left seems to be Plymouth Yarn’s version of Noro yarn and, at half the price of Noro, I think I already like it!  The shrimpy brown skein is some luxury cotton.  Usually, I don’t really care for cotton, but this was in the singles bin and 10% off, so I thought I’d try it.  The two round skeins are Cascade 220 (Yay!), but they’re Superwash (YAY!!).  These will definitely become gifts for people who throw gloves in the laundry…  The bright blue is yet more Cascade, but this time, sock yarn!  I had no idea it even existed.  None.  Oh, and the shop is What’s Needlin’ Ewe, in Mount Airy, NC.  I suggest a visit if you’re in the area, if even just to ransack the singles bin. ^.^

And finally, these came from a friend who was selling off some of her stash (at $1 each, I couldn’t say no…)  To be honest, some of the labels aren’t terrible informative, but the pink is dralon, a silky, high quality acrylic, made in Turkey by Himalaya.  I’ll have to Google translate the label though because I don’t exactly speak Turkish… The variegated brown is superwash wool (more socks?).  But I’m actually more excited about the solid brown and the giant pile of blues.  The friend I bought these from worked for several companies designing yarn, so I think these may be samples that were never released.  Of course, that means they don’t have the yardage on the labels, but look!  Unique! Haha.  What I’ll do with denim-colored yarn is beyond me, but I certainly have a ton of it!

So yeah, that was rather long.  And if you have any project suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear them!

– Cristy

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