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Maxi Dress Reconstructed

Oh, the maxi dress…  What you lack in sophistication, you make up in comfort.  At least, until the dress is barely a year old and the elastic’s just not working like it used to.  Until recently, I had one such dress.  It was comfortable, especially on lazy, laundry days but eventually, the fear of public embarrassment drove me away.  That is, until I realized all it needed was an easy fix!  One cheap, destroyed belt later, I had straps!

You can probably figure out how it’s done, but pictures never hurt!

(The belt came on a sweater that I’ve long since outgrown and the width helps hide pesky bra straps!)  I put the dress on, marked the spots for straps with safety pins, and attached two pieces of belt to the back.  Put the dress on again, bring the straps forward over your shoulders, and it’s easy to figure out how long you want them.  I originally wanted to use the ribbons on the dress, but wasn’t sure if they were long enough.  Oh, and I wouldn’t suggest using any stretchy material, since it tends to fall off shoulders…

Mmmm, hand-stitching!  (Hey, it’s on the inside so I get to be lazy.)

Final step:  Stare wistfully across the pond and appreciate the summer breeze!


– Cristy

Currently Listening to: “Fireflies” – Owl City


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