Tossed Cookies

Wool Top bits

I used up all my wool top. :\ Since I just have 2oz of each color, I wanted to play with it a bit and made some over spun, springy stuff.

But really, I never know what to do with bulky yarns, much less bulky art yarns… And when it comes out to a grand total of 17 yds, it’s not exactly going to make a funky scarf. ^.^ But I did have some crochet thread on hand and, plied with a single, it’s rather pretty!

And, since I liked it so much, I unspun (ugg) the maroon and repeated the whole process. Probably could’ve gone with a different thread color, but blue was all I had.

I’m thinking fuzzy winter slipper-socks? I might have enough if I use both colors (stripes!). Or I could just sit here and pet them! I <3 wool. ^.^

– Cristy

Currently Watching: Royal Pains – “Spasticity”


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