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Swishy skirt for summer!

(Alliteration entirely intentional)  Clearly, I’ve been checking New Dress A Day too frequently, but I couldn’t be more pleased with my new skirt.

Step 1:  Buy a cheap ($3.95!) men’s shirt from Goodwill.  (A large is fine for a skirt, but a dress probably requires at least an XXL or bigger.)  It doesn’t need to be pretty; it just needs potential!  And it reminded me of something my grandmother in China would wear. :\

Step 2:  Chop it into little bits!  I tried to preserve the hems and seams, since hand-sewing sucks, but ended up with a simple A-line.  Best part: I get to keep the pocket!

Close up:

It’s very, very comfy (yay, rayon!).  If I can get my hands on my dad’s sewing machine, I’d like to reinforce it a bit.  (Might tighten the waist as well, to cement the ‘high-waisted-feel.)  But right now, I’m more excited about finally finishing my first wearable piece!

What do you think?

– Cristy

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2 thoughts on “Swishy skirt for summer!

  1. youngwifey on said:

    What a great summer refashion!

  2. Thank you, thank you!

    – Cristy

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