Tossed Cookies

Not everyone needs a DeLorean….

Some of us just need a kick-ass bonnet!

Here’s the story:

The historic Latta Plantation (in Huntersville, NC) had a Living History day fundraiser this past weekend.  Latta Plantation was built  in the very early 1800s and passed from owner to owner until 1975, when it became a museum exhibiting how life was like in the early 19th century.  As part of the weekend’s activities, I was allowed to participate as part of a spinning and knitting demonstration.  Most of the visitors were families with younger children and I have to say, I loved correcting the fathers who were convinced what we were doing was weaving…  But the history was fun too, and we got to eat the food from the kitchen!

Mmmm, amazing croquettes…  They’re fried over a fire with about 3 cups total of shredded chicken, green onion, and crumbled bacon all held together with a single egg.  They come out wonderfully crispy on the outside, and they’re even better sprinkled with lots of ground pepper.

Of course, there were other activities too, such as games for kids, a traditional southern tea party, and beekeepers.  I loved volunteering there and, if you’re interested, they have a list of upcoming events!


– Cristy

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