Tossed Cookies

Purple Wool/Mohair

I *finally* finished spinning all my purple wool/mohair mix, and I think it’s the most I’ve spun of anything!  But first, isn’t it lovely?

That’s 300 yards (yes, three hundred).  It must be the most I’ve ever spun, because I’ve never filled a bobbin with so much yarn!  I completely forgot to check the WPI, but based on comparison with some others, I’m guessing it’s somewhere between a fingering and lace weight…

I still have no idea what I’m going to do with it…  I think I can get away with not plying it, since it’s fairly even (yay!) so maybe something fun and lacy?  I know I find socks tedious and I don’t really have use for a shawl, so who knows! ^.^

I got in a bit more spinning today  (Okay, I already finished everything I brought back from school. >.<), but I’m thinking about doing something a bit more exciting with them, so we’ll see!

– Cristy

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