Tossed Cookies


I got to devote Thursday almost entirely to spinning!  I spun most of the purple mohair/wool fiber in the morning, then spent the afternoon with my lovely spinning teacher/friend trying out some new fibers and went to a spinning night at a local yarn store!  (And I bought more yarn. :p  )

I think it’s pretty….  I’m still deciding whether to ply it, but if I do, I’ll probably use a different yarn to get as much length as possible.  Perhaps a dark violet?  Although I’ve been meaning to try something lacy, so it might just stay as is.  It’s definitely thin enough for something complex.

Clearly, I still have a little to finish spinning, so I’ll probably finish that on Monday.  Again, it’s from Yarns, Etc in Chapel Hill, NC and I definitely recommend it.  I’ll probably try to visit the boyfriend at school this summer and get some more. :p

Oh!  And my yarn purchases:

The red is Cascade 220’s Soft Spun and the blues are their Pure Alpaca.  Best part?  Only $22 for all three!  (Regular price would be about $40)  The store, Close Knits, is closing at the end of this month and having a huge sale until everything’s gone, so if you’re in the Gastonia, NC area…  I only wish I’d heard of them before than this week… *sigh*

– Cristy

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