Tossed Cookies


Like I said a few days ago, I’ve been keeping busy tidying the hell out of my room.  Most of the stuff I found was, well, crap…  but there were some art supplies I hadn’t seen in *years*.  Like these crayons…

All I know/remember of them is that they’re really nice Staedler crayons my father brought back from a visit to Germany  (business trips meant my brother and I got gifts! :p  ) and based on my Googling, I’m not sure you can find them anymore…

But anyways, after years of inactivity, it was time to put them to use!  First, an abstract thing (on the Left in the warm colors) very much inspired by Drew Barrymore’s commercials.  I think, among the celebrities, she has one of the most positive body images, especially without obsessing over surgery.

And the green tendrils are just… abstractness…  (Right)

A bit more realism here….  Just a doodle of a red carnation my mother received for Mother’s Day  (the restaurant we went to for dinner gave them out!).  This is also when I realized the crayons came with white and started using it for blending. >.>  Not sure if I like this one; I’d definitely change a few things if I could.  The stem is definitely funky.

Anyone else have a thing for plaid recently?  I realized the colors *exactly* match a swimsuit I just bought a few days ago.  Like, creepily so..  Anyways, this kind of plaid is nice, gingham, not so much.  My Scottish roots rear their heads once again!

I can’t decide; is this too terrifying?  (Yes, it’s a portrait of my main character from WoW, stop judging!)  Considering I’m working with chunky ROYGBIV crayons, I think it’s surprisingly accurate, actually.  Despite the ridiculously uneven tusks and lack of defined hair, of course. :p  (You can stop squinting at the scrawl in the corner; my preferred nickname on this character is Part.)  I’ve also decided the best way to see this picture is click to enlarge, then walk *all* the way across the room to look at it.  Compression kills!

OK, last thing.  And yes, something else WoW-inspired…  The technique was fun, at least.  First, put down a layer of yellow and orange and then blue and purple stripes.  Using some sharp tool (knife, in my case), etch a design.  It was 3am and I was feeling uncreative, so I drew something I had at hand, my character’s (sweet) ride.

Apologies for the parentheses abuse tonight; I don’t think a single paragraph escaped unscathed.  It’s just my crutch when I’m tired.  I’m hoping to get back to fiber later this week.  I just bought some yarn from a friend today, and I’m going to a store tomorrow for spinning so, at the very least, I’ll have something to show off!

Fluffy pillows and soft mattresses,

– Cristy

Currently Listening to: “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga


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