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Just Another Bedtime Story…

Anyone else in the mood for a little story?  Here’s my mash-up…

Once upon a time, there was a great and terrible dragon named Smaug.  Smaug was feared throughout the surrounding towns for both his fiery breath and insatiable appetite.  Many a brave soul lost their lives attempting to vanquish him…

One day, Smaug kidnapped the king’s daughter, a princess known for her beauty and charms.  For weeks, the dragon stayed in his lair, closely guarding the princess and his hoard.

After weeks of not seeing Smaug, the townspeople decided to risk the dragon’s wrath in the hopes of rescuing the princess.  Of course, they had to call the most famous of all dragon-slaying knights, Sir George!  The king sent him on his way, promising the kingdom, a lifetime of riches, and (of course) the princess’s hand if he returned with the dragon’s head.

But as Sir George approached the dragon, he saw just how cute and misunderstood the creature was.  Smaug hadn’t meant to terrorize the village people; he just had a big appetite!  And, after spending so much keeping company with the princess, Smaug was hungry.  Sir George knew exactly how to train the moody dragon.  He fed the dragon his less-than-trusty steed, successfully taming him.  Smaug then let Sir George and the princess ride him all the way back to the king, where he was re-christened Murphy and lived on an imported diet of barbarians and trouble-makers.

Oh right!  And they lived happily ever after…

(As for the treasure?  Well, how do you think Sir George funds his dragon-slaying trips?)

The End!

Thank you, thank yous to Lucy for letting me test her Dragonet pattern, which will (probably) be shortly available on either her blog or Etsy.  Her pattern is wonderfully detailed and full of illustrations.  I used about 130 yds of Cascade 220 Heathers in 2445 and a size 3.75mm hook.  Whenever she posts her pattern, I’ll try to remember to keep you posted!

More (clickable) pictures:


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2 thoughts on “Just Another Bedtime Story…

  1. *sniff sniff*

    This is probably one of the most heartwarming stories I have ever heard, and the accompanying pictures are so perfect, giving vibrant life to the words on the page.

    Yeah, the dragon is cute too :P

  2. Hehe, thank you!

    – Cristy

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