Tossed Cookies


Oh, I’ve been awful this month…  I’m not even sure how I’ve managed to be more busy at home than at school.  Or the other hand, my craft space is finally organized!!

Okay, it’s really more a craft closet than a space, but everything has a place now!  I mean, there’s the skeins and fiber in the milk crates, beads in the red box, embroidery stuff in the small clear box, stationery in the brown box… the list goes on.  Luckily, a lot of the roving is at my father’s, otherwise it wouldn’t fit.  (Unfortunately, I don’t get to use the top shelf, but I guess the winter blankets have to go *somewhere*, right?)

And I’ve clean the rest of my mom’s house.  (It’s mine during the day, when I’m the only one home. :p  )  Everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen to the depths of the basement has been reorganized and vacuumed.  Like spring cleaning in hyper drive.  Hey, I threw out two full trash bags of stuff from the bathroom alone…

I’m hoping I’ll have time to post a real content-type something tomorrow.  It’s been too long.

– Cristy

Currently Listening to: “Starstruck” – Lady Gaga


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