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The Spirit-Star-Wars-Gnome Lady

I just finished my last exam for the week!  One more on Monday morning, and I will be officially halfway done with college.  Terrifying.  But as I’m still not quite coherent from too many late nights and fact-cramming, we’ll be looking at another blogger again today.  (Last one, I promise.)  Have you met Lucy Ravenscar?

You’ve probably seen her adorably fuzzy Nature Spirits on Craftster (or Etsy, Craftzine, and even TrendHunter..), but did you know she’s also the brilliant woman who made the (best) Star Wars amigurimi?  How about the adorable cork characters for her kids’ bazaar at school?

Seriously, I had no idea these were all from the same person.  And, while I think her work is wonderfully original, my favorite part is how much personality her spirits have.  I think my favorites are the Mother and Child Earth Spirits, although I like to think of them as Fire Spirits.  So pleasantly autumn-y…

If you’re curious, her patterns, as well as some of her creatures, are for sale on Etsy and if they’re anything like her blog, they’re extremely well written and detailed.

Man, brushed crochet has been looking appealing recently.. >.>  *Makes a mental note to buy a pet brush when she gets home*  Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed our little depart from the usual.  Anyone have any suggestions who I should cover in the future?

– Cristy

PS – I’ll be posting again in the near future about Lucy Ravenscar.  Get excited!

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