Tossed Cookies

Glass Earrings

Earrings are fast, easy, and charming, a perfect project when you’ve only got an hour between classes and nothing to do!

Aren’t they charming?  I love my bead stash, but I’ve realized it contains a lot of “statement” pieces and not so many plain beads…  a result of getting everything when I was much, much younger and prone to begging my mother for the pretties. *sigh*

These definitely put me in a green-gold mood and they match my new ring!  (On sale for $4 at Classics on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, NC.  The store owner was nice enough to give me a discount on a dress too.)

The green-blue beads are glass.  The gold spacers are recycled from unused ear hooks I re-purposed.

I like these so much, I’m thinking about making a second pair to sell…  I can put it in my Etsy when that gets up and going again!  What do you think?  (And if you’re interested, email/leave a comment!)

Do you sometimes feel like earrings are copping out too?

– Cristy


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