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Fair Isle for Summer

I love traditional knitting color work but, here in North Carolina, there’s not much reason for sweaters or hats, much less doubly thick ones…  But color and I are learning to play nice with each other, finally!  (As a former jeans-and-t-shirt girl, matching colors is admitted not my forte…)  I’ve been trying to add those patterns to my repertoire and give my fingers something to fiddle with.

Yay for cross-stitching!  This is a small piece (7″ x 5″ ?) but oh-so-satisfying.  Some of the patterns are my own; others were found via some intense googling.  I’m thinking the final piece might look good in a frame, or as separate pieces of a set of buttons…  Still considering my options though. ^.^

I love my camera’s macro function to death…  I want to get some macro photos blown up to poster size for my room. ^.^

So what smaller projects are you picking up for the summer?  (Or if you’re on the other end of the world, got something big for winter?)

– Cristy

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One thought on “Fair Isle for Summer

  1. That is awesome! <3 it! Reminds me of some needlepoint that my grandmother had framed and hanging in her living room. What does the finished product look like? Would love to see how it turned out! :D

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