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Motif Bolero

Having destroyed my mother’s scarf (>.>) and being in the mood to crochet, I’ve picked up yet another project!  I showed my mother some of the patterns on Ravelry and she immediately picked out the Motif Bolero.  It’s a lovely pattern, once you find all of the directions…  (check other users’ projects on Ravelry!)

Well, I started it, finished 4 square motifs, which is almost half the pattern, and realized it would probably be way too small for my mother.  At least, I think so… It’s had to take someone’s measurements when they’re on the other side of the world!  I’ve restarted with a slightly larger crochet hook, which seems to be working well.  It certainly opens up the pattern nicely, anyways.

(Wow, that’s a crappy photo… Apologies)  I’m definitely going to keep working on it before summer break (only one month away!!) but hopefully I’ll be able to finish it when I’m at home, so i can make sure everything fits correctly.  I’m actually loving this pattern too!  It’s complex enough that it’s interesting and I love having an excuse to make something a little more ornate that I would never wear.  I hope it turns out prettyyyyy!

– Cristy

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