Tossed Cookies

Socks, finally!

(Just “Sock” if you’re being nitpicky though..)  Remember that shawl I was intending to make for my mother?  Something about the motif was just too repetitive, even for me, and I just lost interest.  But I reused the yarn to *finally* start on my first pair of socks!!

Yes, I just couldn’t help the faux-artsy photo…

The pattern is on Ravelry as the Leyburn Socks and, while it’s not difficult, definitely required some extra research on my part into the basics of sock knitting.  So, if you’ve never knit socks before, I can highly suggest the post on Knitty for beginning a toe and this one for the short row heel.

I’m having a bit of trouble working myself into starting the second sock, but I finally understand why people knit socks at all!  That one foot is so unbelievable cosy!  (The merino yarn doesn’t hurt either…)

– Cristy


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