Tossed Cookies

Rethink the Shrinky-Dink.

Recently, I saw this great post over at Craftster that has me second guessing my decision to abandon shrink plastic.

I think everyone who’s tried it goes through this phase.  First, we’re enamored that our artwork (or, more likely, something we traced out of a book) can simply be shrunk into tangible, unbreakable plastic.  And that shrinking does more than just harden the plastic, it defines your shaky, Sharpie’d lines and turns that 10-pack of Crayola color pencils vibrant.  But all too soon, the newness seems to wear off and no matter how we try to disguise it, it still just looks like a kid’s summer camp craft and only your mother would be willing to display it on her refrigerator.

And then, you spend some time on Craftster or Etsy and see laser cut acrylic!  Or maybe even brushed steel!  It’s gorgeous, shiny, and monochromatic, but still resembles the long gone, but not forgotten, shrink plastic.  Oh, and those laser cutters?  Yeah, they cost thousands of dollars.

Anyways, Craftster user missfortune86 has managed to replicate laser cut acrylic with shrink plastic, and it’s just tempting me to pick it all back up again…  Maybe this summer. ^.^

– Cristy


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