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Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (5/5)

Yay!  I finally received!  (I actually got 3 packages sent to my dorm that day, the first of which was horribly beaten, so I was relieved to see this one in such perfect shape!)

I guess I’ll go in order of my favorites?  (Hard, since I loved everything. :p  )

Lovely square-braided (I believe..) bracelets in Horde and Alliance colors.  (They’re the rival factions in WoW, of which I ardently adore the Horde.)  And yes, I even wore the Alliance bracelet. :p  (It burns!!)

Next, these great Horde stickers!  I think I’ll have to give one to my brother, since he’ll appreciate it.  (Poor kid’s spending this month with family friends while my parents are in China on a business trip…)  The stickers are about 3 inches tall and my partner sells more like them on Etsy.

I also received this tin, with an image from Crystalsong Forest (a zone in the game).  Not sure what to put in it yet though…  (I’m thinking embroidery needles, stitch markers, ….  something!

A plush Horde symbol!  It’s so cuddly!  I’ve hung it above my desk, to distract me with thought of WoW while doing homework. :p

Finally, my favorites!  Two etched Horde glasses!  They look like they could be shot glasses, but these could definitely hold a nice sized pint!  The boyfriend has already threatened to steal one for himself. ^.^

Alright, one last picture….

Anyways, thank you very much to my lovely partner, and I’ll be back soonish with (finally) some completely-unrelated-to-WoW stuff, because I’m sure everyone’s tired of it by now. ^.^

(Sorry, I feel like I’m usually more verbose than tonight, but I’ve been arguing with the boyfriend and just stressed in general…  So, I’m exhausted, yeah.  I usually try to keep personal drama away from my little sanctuary, but it likes to creep in.  On the other hand, I think personal details give you a truer sense of the person behind the typing…  I leave it to you, dear reader.  Shall you be entrusted as my confidant, my bosom friend, or will we march on as usual, in perfect step to the refrain “Keep calm and carry on”?

Yes, I did read to much Bronte as a child.  Jane Eyre and I were the closest of friends, late at night.)

– Cristy


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2 thoughts on “Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (5/5)

  1. Thank you!

  2. So Cristy, where do u think i could possible get one of those plush horde symbols and glasses? My boyfriend if a WOW freak and i know he would like those very much. Lol i’m searching for x-mas presents already. If you know of anywhere please let me know!!


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