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Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (4/5)

Okay, this is the last post about my WoW swap, I promise!  (At least until I get my package!)

This is the last item; it’s my absolute favorite part and I think you’ll be a bit impressed!

I finally made a pair of Horde earrings!  They’re very obviously based on the infamous pair sold on Etsy, but I couldn’t just buy them, could I?  And now that they’ve gone to someone else, I want a pair of my own. >.>  *want*

They’re very simple, just some polymer clay I stole borrowed from my mom (she used to play with polymer clay a lot) and the beads, headpins, and ear wires are all things I already had.  Like I said, I love them!

This letter was on the top in the box.  I designed it in Gimp to look like a quest from WoW (basically, the player is asked to do something and given gear or helpful items in return).  It was a bit time consuming, but I think it drew the whole package together.

Finally, a letter for my partner, mostly just a thank you and an explanation for all the parts.  And it matches my Horde envelope!  (This is the rival factions emblem, the Alliance lion.)

Yay!!!  I’m officially done!  I really, really hope you enjoyed reading about everything, and I hope you non-WoW players didn’t get too lost.


– Cristy


Parts 1, 23, and 5


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2 thoughts on “Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (4/5)

  1. I loved the wow theamed crafts. sooo much. other than the mini pet cute ness, i think my fave fave fave were the lil mana and health pots. what was the bottle? just a sort of bead? rock on!

  2. Thanks!! I found the tiny bottles on Ebay; I believe it was about $3 for the pair, including shipping. The bottle and the cap come separately and, once filled, can be glued together. I’ve been lusting after a pair for myself too. :p

    – Cristy

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