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Paper Yarn

This really hasn’t been a good week for blogging, has it?  To be fair, I’ve had an insane week.   First there was the computer that had to be replaced, then I broke my glasses (first break or loss and I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5, so I don’t really feel too bad…), and my parent were flying to China for a business trip all of Friday, so I couldn’t exactly call them for help either.  Either way, I’m glad I got everything back to rights eventually, and hopefully this will be a good productive weekend!  (And I really like my new glasses!)

I’ve been meaning to try spinning paper myself, ever since I saw a post on Craft Stylish.  Most sites recommend using a spindle but well, I’m lazy!

I didn’t have any problems with the paper strips tearing, but I did have to feed everything in by hand.  I was using a lace flyer, apparently?  So perhaps something more normal would help with feeding.

The final paper skein is a bit less satisfying than a fiber skein.  It’s not nearly a soft and squishy, and well, it’s basically raffia…  But it does make for some interesting macro photography!  (Next time, I might try a page from the Sunday comics, for color!)

I could see where someone who paper crafts could use this though… Maybe in a literature-themed ATC for texture and a bit of 3-D?  Unfortunately, paper craft is really not my forte, so I had no choice but to knit!  (Is anyone really surprised?)

I think it looks like a yurt….

So, if you live in a tropical climate and want eco-friendly housing, I’ve got a solution for you!

Since I don’t really see myself making a sweater out of this anytime soon and I’ve got several yards left, I’d be happy to mail some to you!  (Unfortunately, the earliest I’ll be able to send will be summer break, or May 9th.) Those interested in acquiring some newspaper yarn, please email me directly so we can work out amounts, addresses, etc.  Small amounts are free but I’ll probably have to charge if someone orders hundreds of yards… (Please god, don’t.)


– Cristy


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2 thoughts on “Paper Yarn

  1. maybe next week will go better.

  2. Thanks! I hope so too.
    – Cristy

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