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Swap II: World of Warcraft (3/5)

I am so bloody tired…  Teachers always decide to set all their paper deadlines and midterms the week before spring break, and then seem entirely perplexed when we pratically fall asleep in class!  At least I have one more day unil I go home and take a break!

Anyways, continuing my five part swap series…

I really loved making Speedy (and the chance to crochet again!) so I could help but make another companion pet.  Meet the oh-so-adorable Toxic Wasteling (a companion pet from WoW’s Valentine’s Day Festival)!  (Pattern available here)

>.>  What?  You don’t think slimy balls of ooze are cute?  Well, too bad :p  Here’s the in-game pet:

The toxic Wasteling comes in a Woolen Bag (players use bags to carry items) in my partner’s favorite color, orange!  Mine is based on the Drawstring Bag on Ravelry, changed slightly to make the bottom more square than rectangular.  The i-cord rope is made with only two stitches, rather than 4.  (I was running out of yarn!)

I’d like to find some chocolate gold coins to add, but they only seem to appear  around Hanukkah…

And I also made some tiny potions (which give you more health, energy, mana, etc).  I think they’re about 3/4 of an inch.  I used seed beads for color, since I think expecting liquids to remain clear over time in an unsterilized environment is a bit gross…  Or maybe I just spent too much time in a biology lab.  Either way, I got to use my surprisingly large stash of beads!

And real life potions…

I think they’d look cute on a necklace or as earrings, but I’ll leave that up to my partner.  And the potions go in a Battered Chest!  (Chests, lockboxes, packages, etc can be open to find fun items inside.)

Yes, I made that out of paper. >.<  God bless scotch tape!  The template I used comes from WoW Papercrafts and, while it’s not hard, it’s definitely time consuming and requires some patience.

Okay, I think that’s enough WoW stuff for today…  Have a good weekend!

– Cristy


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