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Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (5/5)

Yay!  I finally received!  (I actually got 3 packages sent to my dorm that day, the first of which was horribly beaten, so I was relieved to see this one in such perfect shape!)

I guess I’ll go in order of my favorites?  (Hard, since I loved everything. :p  )

Lovely square-braided (I believe..) bracelets in Horde and Alliance colors.  (They’re the rival factions in WoW, of which I ardently adore the Horde.)  And yes, I even wore the Alliance bracelet. :p  (It burns!!)

Next, these great Horde stickers!  I think I’ll have to give one to my brother, since he’ll appreciate it.  (Poor kid’s spending this month with family friends while my parents are in China on a business trip…)  The stickers are about 3 inches tall and my partner sells more like them on Etsy.

I also received this tin, with an image from Crystalsong Forest (a zone in the game).  Not sure what to put in it yet though…  (I’m thinking embroidery needles, stitch markers, ….  something!

A plush Horde symbol!  It’s so cuddly!  I’ve hung it above my desk, to distract me with thought of WoW while doing homework. :p

Finally, my favorites!  Two etched Horde glasses!  They look like they could be shot glasses, but these could definitely hold a nice sized pint!  The boyfriend has already threatened to steal one for himself. ^.^

Alright, one last picture….

Anyways, thank you very much to my lovely partner, and I’ll be back soonish with (finally) some completely-unrelated-to-WoW stuff, because I’m sure everyone’s tired of it by now. ^.^

(Sorry, I feel like I’m usually more verbose than tonight, but I’ve been arguing with the boyfriend and just stressed in general…  So, I’m exhausted, yeah.  I usually try to keep personal drama away from my little sanctuary, but it likes to creep in.  On the other hand, I think personal details give you a truer sense of the person behind the typing…  I leave it to you, dear reader.  Shall you be entrusted as my confidant, my bosom friend, or will we march on as usual, in perfect step to the refrain “Keep calm and carry on”?

Yes, I did read to much Bronte as a child.  Jane Eyre and I were the closest of friends, late at night.)

– Cristy


Parts 12,  3, and 4


Swap II: World of Warcraft Swap (4/5)

Okay, this is the last post about my WoW swap, I promise!  (At least until I get my package!)

This is the last item; it’s my absolute favorite part and I think you’ll be a bit impressed!

I finally made a pair of Horde earrings!  They’re very obviously based on the infamous pair sold on Etsy, but I couldn’t just buy them, could I?  And now that they’ve gone to someone else, I want a pair of my own. >.>  *want*

They’re very simple, just some polymer clay I stole borrowed from my mom (she used to play with polymer clay a lot) and the beads, headpins, and ear wires are all things I already had.  Like I said, I love them!

This letter was on the top in the box.  I designed it in Gimp to look like a quest from WoW (basically, the player is asked to do something and given gear or helpful items in return).  It was a bit time consuming, but I think it drew the whole package together.

Finally, a letter for my partner, mostly just a thank you and an explanation for all the parts.  And it matches my Horde envelope!  (This is the rival factions emblem, the Alliance lion.)

Yay!!!  I’m officially done!  I really, really hope you enjoyed reading about everything, and I hope you non-WoW players didn’t get too lost.


– Cristy


Parts 1, 23, and 5

Toxic Wasteling pattern

Finally, I present the Toxic Wasteling pattern!  It’s ridiculously simple and absolutely adorable.  (Also, could be easily converted into a brain slug, from Futurama!)  (Original Post)

Hook: 4.0 mm

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn’s Encore Worsted in Lime Green (3335)

Pieces: Ooze and ooze belly

Ooze: Chain 2, 6sc in first chain (6), *1sc, 1inc* around (12), *1sc, 1sc, 1inc* around (18), *1sc* around for 5 more rows (18).  Now we begin ruffles!  Alternating between sc, hdc, and dc, make 3 stitches in each previous stitch.  I followed a basic *1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hd*, and repeated several stitches as I felt like it. ^.^  As usual, cut yarn and pull through.

Ooze belly:  Chain 2, 6sc in first chain (6), *1sc, 1inc* around (12), *1sc, 1sc, 1inc* around (18).  Slst, cut yarn (leave a tail!) and pull through.

Assembly: Using the tail from the belly, seam the top and bottom together, stuffing as you go.  Easy!


– Cristy

Speedy the Turtle (pattern)

As promised, the pattern write-up for Speedy the Turtle!  (Original Post)

Hook: 4.0 mm

Yarn: Yellow – Red Heart Super Saver in Gold, Green – Cascade 220 Heathers in Dk Green (2445)

Pieces: Speedy is made of 8 different pieces (4 legs, 1 shell, 1 underbelly, 1 neck, and 1 head).

Legs: With Green, chain 2.  6sc in first chain (6) and then continue with 1sc in each stitch in the round for 4 more rows (6).  Slst, cut yarn (leave a tail for sewing!), and pull through.

Underbelly: With Green, chain 2.  6sc in first chain (6), *1inc* around (12), *1sc, 1inc* around (18), *1sc, 1sc, 1inc* around (24).  Slst, cut yarn (leave a tail for sewing!), and pull through.

Shell: With Gold, chain 2.  6sc in first chain (6).  For the following, sc in back loops only: *1inc* around (12), *1sc, 1inc* around (18), *1sc, 1sc, 1inc* around (24), *1sc* around for 3 more rows (24).  Slst, cut yarn, and pull through.

Neck: (Start with a longer tail for sewing) With Green, chain 6.  Slst in first chain and continue with 1sc in each stitch in the round for 4 rows (6).  Slst, cut yarn (leave a tail for sewing!), and pull through.

Head: (Note: It is easiest to add eyes (whether safety, button, or bead) around the 5th row.) With Green, chain 2.  6sc in first chain (6), *inc* around (12), *1sc, 1inc* around (18), *1sc* around for 2 rows (18), *1sc, 1dec* around (12), *1dec* around (6). Slst, cut yarn, and pull through

Assembly: I found it easiest to complete the legs and body first and attach the legs to the bottom of the body, stuffing as needed.  The shell can then be seamed to the underbelly using whip stitch.  The bottom (first row) of the neck is flattened and sewn to the body, at the seam between the shell and belly.  Finally, stuff the open neck and sew on the head.  I found the back of the head (or nape of the neck, so to speak…) looked best when anchored to the shell, to help support the weight.

I think that’s pretty thorough…  Hopefully it just feels awkward because I’m out of practice. >.>

Comment with any questions!

– Cristy

Spring Yarncleaning!

While I was home for Spring Break, I was seized by the devil of spring cleaning and managed to wash a pile of my first spun skeins.  To be precise, 6 whole skeins of creamy white, lanolin heavy, 100% wool.  All of which are <25 yards…  But now they’re clean and ocean breeze shampoo scented!

There’s a decent mix of single and double-plied and, seeing the skeins all laid out, I’m more tempted than ever to try a felted project… (And dyeing too, of course!)

Yes, I even made super-organized project cards!  Everything from the content and source, to the weight and wpi is written on those cards…  A bit time consuming since I made a pile for the future, but very worth it!

– Cristy

Paper Yarn

This really hasn’t been a good week for blogging, has it?  To be fair, I’ve had an insane week.   First there was the computer that had to be replaced, then I broke my glasses (first break or loss and I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5, so I don’t really feel too bad…), and my parent were flying to China for a business trip all of Friday, so I couldn’t exactly call them for help either.  Either way, I’m glad I got everything back to rights eventually, and hopefully this will be a good productive weekend!  (And I really like my new glasses!)

I’ve been meaning to try spinning paper myself, ever since I saw a post on Craft Stylish.  Most sites recommend using a spindle but well, I’m lazy!

I didn’t have any problems with the paper strips tearing, but I did have to feed everything in by hand.  I was using a lace flyer, apparently?  So perhaps something more normal would help with feeding.

The final paper skein is a bit less satisfying than a fiber skein.  It’s not nearly a soft and squishy, and well, it’s basically raffia…  But it does make for some interesting macro photography!  (Next time, I might try a page from the Sunday comics, for color!)

I could see where someone who paper crafts could use this though… Maybe in a literature-themed ATC for texture and a bit of 3-D?  Unfortunately, paper craft is really not my forte, so I had no choice but to knit!  (Is anyone really surprised?)

I think it looks like a yurt….

So, if you live in a tropical climate and want eco-friendly housing, I’ve got a solution for you!

Since I don’t really see myself making a sweater out of this anytime soon and I’ve got several yards left, I’d be happy to mail some to you!  (Unfortunately, the earliest I’ll be able to send will be summer break, or May 9th.) Those interested in acquiring some newspaper yarn, please email me directly so we can work out amounts, addresses, etc.  Small amounts are free but I’ll probably have to charge if someone orders hundreds of yards… (Please god, don’t.)


– Cristy

Computer Issues => No Posting

Hi all, sorry for the week-long absence, but it’s rather hard to update when you don’t have a computer!  Luckily, I did get a chance to save all my data (mostly pictures), so once my computer gets back, I’ll be able to post!  And believe me, I have about 6 completely different new posts to write.  So, I’ll leave you with the same thing they said to me, “We’ll be back in 1-2 business days”!


– Cristy

Swap II: World of Warcraft (3/5)

I am so bloody tired…  Teachers always decide to set all their paper deadlines and midterms the week before spring break, and then seem entirely perplexed when we pratically fall asleep in class!  At least I have one more day unil I go home and take a break!

Anyways, continuing my five part swap series…

I really loved making Speedy (and the chance to crochet again!) so I could help but make another companion pet.  Meet the oh-so-adorable Toxic Wasteling (a companion pet from WoW’s Valentine’s Day Festival)!  (Pattern available here)

>.>  What?  You don’t think slimy balls of ooze are cute?  Well, too bad :p  Here’s the in-game pet:

The toxic Wasteling comes in a Woolen Bag (players use bags to carry items) in my partner’s favorite color, orange!  Mine is based on the Drawstring Bag on Ravelry, changed slightly to make the bottom more square than rectangular.  The i-cord rope is made with only two stitches, rather than 4.  (I was running out of yarn!)

I’d like to find some chocolate gold coins to add, but they only seem to appear  around Hanukkah…

And I also made some tiny potions (which give you more health, energy, mana, etc).  I think they’re about 3/4 of an inch.  I used seed beads for color, since I think expecting liquids to remain clear over time in an unsterilized environment is a bit gross…  Or maybe I just spent too much time in a biology lab.  Either way, I got to use my surprisingly large stash of beads!

And real life potions…

I think they’d look cute on a necklace or as earrings, but I’ll leave that up to my partner.  And the potions go in a Battered Chest!  (Chests, lockboxes, packages, etc can be open to find fun items inside.)

Yes, I made that out of paper. >.<  God bless scotch tape!  The template I used comes from WoW Papercrafts and, while it’s not hard, it’s definitely time consuming and requires some patience.

Okay, I think that’s enough WoW stuff for today…  Have a good weekend!

– Cristy


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