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Swap II: World of Warcraft (2/5)

Ooooh, look at me, posting again!  (This is what, 3 times in 24 hours?  Sheesh…)  Anyways, yet another part of the package I’m sending to my swap partner.

I noticed that both she and her boyfriend were collecting companion pets (animals/things that follow you around in the game that don’t help you or anything, but can be really cute; a lot of people enjoy getting as many as they can).  One of the pets I particularly like is Speedy so I had to make her one!  Speedy is the baby turtle you can get during Children’s Week.  (Also, I can’t send out a package without knitting/crocheting something!)  Video game Speedy:

He’s adorable!  He’ll even roar occasionally. <3  My Speedy:

And continuing my themed packaging, Speedy comes in a Turtle Box (which you then open to get the pet), so….

I used a box template, because the cardboard container I recycled was barely the right size.  I just had to change a few measurements, but I think it worked out.  (Also, recycling!)  My boyfriend thinks the box is the cutest part. :p  And I really want to make more of these now… >.>  Just because he’s so damn cute, another picture of him ready to be shipped off.

I think, if I made another, I’d put an audio chip in him so he could roar as well.  Also, I have really got to get some safety eyes.. beads are just not cutting it ^.^

Edit: The pattern has now been posted!

– Cristy


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2 thoughts on “Swap II: World of Warcraft (2/5)

  1. you said you’d like to make more? cuz i’d love to buy one since my crochet skills are nowhere this amazing.

  2. Hi, check your inbox for my reply!

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