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Swap II: World of Warcraft (1/5)

Okay, I was really, really torn about this.  Basically, all I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks is my WoW swap and since I didn’t want to post until my partner received, it’s been frightfully boring around here (again, my apologies).  But I’ve been really pleased with the things I’m making for this swap, so we’ll just hide everything under jumps, and hope no one will notice.  (Shh!)  I’ll come back later and remove the jumps, if I remember.  And no worries, I’ve added little explanations where I think it’s necessary for non-WoW players.

It took me a while to figure out my main pieces, but I finished some smalls in the meantime.

First, a Horde-colored bracelet (There are two side in WoW, Horde – red and black, Alliance – blue and yellow and my partner said she loves the Horde colors and symbol)  It’s nothing too difficult, just red hemp with some really shiny black beads I’ve had for years.  I lov how well I tied off the bracelet, none of those huge knots you usually see in hemp.  Also, I’ve realized I have a strangely large bead collection that I rarely touch… trying to fix this!

My first piece was actually this pair of earrings.  I think they’re rather pretty, for all their simplicity, and it’s an idea I’ve had for a while.  I’m just glad I finally had a good reason to use it!

These earrings aren’t very obviously WoW-related…  They were inspired by the druid cat form (my partner’s main character is a druid, which can turn into cats, a bear, a tree, a bird, a retarded seal, etc)  See the necklace?  It’s clearest on the bottom cat, but her cat form is the white one.

In WoW, there are lots of bags, envelopes, boxes, etc that you can open to get something special inside.  So, of course, all of my packaging has to be WoW-themed too!  The bracelet and druid earrings are going in a Gem-Stuffed Envelope.

Yes, I even decorated the envelope.  Like my Horde emblem paper embroidery?  I love how clean paper embroidery looks.  I really should make an Alliance one to go with it…

If you want to do something similar, line drawings are the easiest to copy.  I just traced the symbol directly off my computer screen (lightly on the back in pencil).  From the front, use a needle to punch the holes to embroider in; I think punching them from the front is the cleanest looking.  Finally, grab some embroidery thread and follow the holes!

And that’s Part 1!  Right now, I have 4 mini packages complete, and another just in planning, so we should get 5 posts out of this!

– Cristy


Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5


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