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Blanket Progress!

Between my World of Warcraft Swap and working on the boyfriend’s gloves 2.0, I’ve barely had time to knit my blanket.

I’m actually a bit farther along than this picture shows, already completed a second cabled row!  I think I might work faster if I quit stopping to pet it though… It’s so cushy and soft!  The yarn is fairly good quality too.  I believe I’m on my 3rd skein now and so far, have only found a few pieces of grass and no knots!  Kuddos to Lion Brand

If you’ve seen the pattern, you might notice I’ve added a seed stitch border.  Since knit stitches are wider than they are long, the side borders are only 8 stitches wide, while the top and bottom borders will be 12 rows long.  Hopefully, that’ll give me a nice, even border all the way around.  (I even knit a gauge swatch to figure that out, for once. ^.^)

My spring break begins at the end of next week, but I’m still deciding whether to bring my blanket home with me…  If I bring it home, I could probably get a lot done, but I might not be able to bring it back to school afterwards.  The whole point of spring break is to start moving out  :(

– Cristy

Currently Watching: The 2010 Olympics, duh :p


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