Tossed Cookies


I really, really wish I was participating!  I just completely forgot about it until last night, and none up my upcoming projects seem the right length for the event.  I will, however, be following along and hope that the competitive spirit will motivate me too!  Let’s see, there’s…

– Comfort Cable Blanket – Harblz bought me the yarn, and I’ve been meaning to get it started!  Doubt I’ll finish it in  17 days, but maybe I can get a good start!

– Harblz’s gloves 2.0 – I’d like him to get to use them this year… and it’s already starting to warm up in NC! >.<

– WoW Swap! – Did I forget to mention I signed up for another swap?  Oops.  Well, I did!  My largest item still needs to be designed and made, but it’ll be a new pattern for me to post when I finish it!!  (I know, it’s been so long >.<)  I’ll be keeping mum for the next month or so, at least until my partner receives. :(

– Embroidering – hopefully I’ll have some time to practice….

I can’t wait for it to start!

– Cristy


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