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All you need is love…

(A warning to anyone who may be single, this may be gushy ^.^) Since I’m a lazy bugger, I’m copying the story I’ve already posted on craftster:

The boyfriend and I swore we wouldn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day this year, but last weekend, I slipped some mini knitted hearts into his jacket pocket for him to find (we walk everywhere and i knew we’d have to get dinner that night). And the next morning, I work up and discovered tiny owl earrings that he’d slipped into my ears while I was sleeping! The best part – I was with him constantly after he found the hearts, so I know he thought up the earrings independently.

Are the hearts pretty?

Of course, I was more than happy to use up yarn scraps too!  I think they’d make nice year-round gifts as well, and maybe I’ll surprise my mother with a handful next break!  Oh, and I suppose you’d like a pattern link?  I found them on Ravelry, but there’s also a pdf download link on the author’s own site (in the side bar).  The tiny heart is of my own design, but I merely adapted the method described in the pattern.  I’m not actually sure why it’s so tiny… >.>

The yarns are:

– Cascade 220 in ivory (8010-7408), leftover from the boyfriend’s hat

– Vanna’s Choice in brick, the last tiny ball from a blanket I made a few years ago

I love how Cascade photographs in good lighting… the wool makes them glow ^.^  The cup I’m keeping them in was picked up from some local thrift store.  I think I’d been looking at too much embroidered porcelain that week, but it makes a very pretty prop!

Okay, one more!

Time to go get psyched for the Olympics!!  (Team Colbert, all the way!)

<3 Cristy

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