Tossed Cookies

Snow and Fiber, what could be better?

It snowed in NC!!  Forgive my child-like excitement, but that never happens!  Not like this, anyways.  Five inches of pure, fluffy, whiteness.  I even managed to get a picture before the hordes of snowball-throwing college kids descended.  It’s 3am in this photo, but the sky is so amazing.

I also just got my Christmas present from my boyfriend!  He’s clever, got me exactly what I wanted. :p  (I only had to tell him ^.^)  I promise I have a plan for all this yarn…  But it’s 8 whole skeins of Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Spice!  My roommate is going to think I have a disturbing obsession with orange!

Then, because the goof went and lost the gloves I made for him, he went to the local yarn store in his home town, and found the exact same yarn for me to make him a new pair.  Let no one say he doesn’t pay attention!  And he gave me a bribe to persuade me to actualy make the second pair. :p  A second ball of yarn!  Of Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca, no less. ^.^  And the dark grey color is perfect too.  This is why I love my boyfriend, because he knows what I like and, not only accepts it, but supports it.  (Shaddup, I know Valentine’s is weeks away and I’m being preemptively gushy.  It’s the alpaca high, I swear.)

I’m going to go back to petting my yarn now… Night!

– Cristy


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