Tossed Cookies

Mmmm, Craftster.

If you obsessively check Craftster as much as I do, you might’ve seen my crafting roundup posts!  I really love the Craftster community and it’s always such a great resources for ideas, questions, and just browsing other peoples’ awesome work.  Since I already stalk the hell out of the site, I thought I ought to reciprocate with a few posts of my own…  Just the bigger projects, anyways. (And it’s really nice to see everything I’ve done at once, makes me feel accomplished!)

All of my Knitting

A whole bunch of Crochet

Some spinning (hopefully I’ll have more next year!)

Hopefully I can attempt to keep this up on roughly a monthly basis, instead of having to do it a year at a time… >.<

<3 and I’ll be back this afternoon!

– Cristy


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2 thoughts on “Mmmm, Craftster.

  1. I love your work! :D

    I’ve listed your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award! You can see the list here: :D

  2. Thank you so much! I love your blog as well!

    (I believe the link should be Because definitely takes you somewhere completely different…)

    <3 Cristy

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