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New Header!

Look up!  I finally made my new banner for Spring.  And I completely missed that the year was wrong for 2 whole months, oops. >.<  Anyways, enjoy!

– Cristy


Swap II: World of Warcraft (2/5)

Ooooh, look at me, posting again!  (This is what, 3 times in 24 hours?  Sheesh…)  Anyways, yet another part of the package I’m sending to my swap partner.

I noticed that both she and her boyfriend were collecting companion pets (animals/things that follow you around in the game that don’t help you or anything, but can be really cute; a lot of people enjoy getting as many as they can).  One of the pets I particularly like is Speedy so I had to make her one!  Speedy is the baby turtle you can get during Children’s Week.  (Also, I can’t send out a package without knitting/crocheting something!)  Video game Speedy:

He’s adorable!  He’ll even roar occasionally. <3  My Speedy:

And continuing my themed packaging, Speedy comes in a Turtle Box (which you then open to get the pet), so….

I used a box template, because the cardboard container I recycled was barely the right size.  I just had to change a few measurements, but I think it worked out.  (Also, recycling!)  My boyfriend thinks the box is the cutest part. :p  And I really want to make more of these now… >.>  Just because he’s so damn cute, another picture of him ready to be shipped off.

I think, if I made another, I’d put an audio chip in him so he could roar as well.  Also, I have really got to get some safety eyes.. beads are just not cutting it ^.^

Edit: The pattern has now been posted!

– Cristy


Parts 1, 3, 4, and 5

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Swap II: World of Warcraft (1/5)

Okay, I was really, really torn about this.  Basically, all I’ve been working on for the past 2 weeks is my WoW swap and since I didn’t want to post until my partner received, it’s been frightfully boring around here (again, my apologies).  But I’ve been really pleased with the things I’m making for this swap, so we’ll just hide everything under jumps, and hope no one will notice.  (Shh!)  I’ll come back later and remove the jumps, if I remember.  And no worries, I’ve added little explanations where I think it’s necessary for non-WoW players.

It took me a while to figure out my main pieces, but I finished some smalls in the meantime.

First, a Horde-colored bracelet (There are two side in WoW, Horde – red and black, Alliance – blue and yellow and my partner said she loves the Horde colors and symbol)  It’s nothing too difficult, just red hemp with some really shiny black beads I’ve had for years.  I lov how well I tied off the bracelet, none of those huge knots you usually see in hemp.  Also, I’ve realized I have a strangely large bead collection that I rarely touch… trying to fix this!

My first piece was actually this pair of earrings.  I think they’re rather pretty, for all their simplicity, and it’s an idea I’ve had for a while.  I’m just glad I finally had a good reason to use it!

These earrings aren’t very obviously WoW-related…  They were inspired by the druid cat form (my partner’s main character is a druid, which can turn into cats, a bear, a tree, a bird, a retarded seal, etc)  See the necklace?  It’s clearest on the bottom cat, but her cat form is the white one.

In WoW, there are lots of bags, envelopes, boxes, etc that you can open to get something special inside.  So, of course, all of my packaging has to be WoW-themed too!  The bracelet and druid earrings are going in a Gem-Stuffed Envelope.

Yes, I even decorated the envelope.  Like my Horde emblem paper embroidery?  I love how clean paper embroidery looks.  I really should make an Alliance one to go with it…

If you want to do something similar, line drawings are the easiest to copy.  I just traced the symbol directly off my computer screen (lightly on the back in pencil).  From the front, use a needle to punch the holes to embroider in; I think punching them from the front is the cleanest looking.  Finally, grab some embroidery thread and follow the holes!

And that’s Part 1!  Right now, I have 4 mini packages complete, and another just in planning, so we should get 5 posts out of this!

– Cristy


Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5

Blanket Progress!

Between my World of Warcraft Swap and working on the boyfriend’s gloves 2.0, I’ve barely had time to knit my blanket.

I’m actually a bit farther along than this picture shows, already completed a second cabled row!  I think I might work faster if I quit stopping to pet it though… It’s so cushy and soft!  The yarn is fairly good quality too.  I believe I’m on my 3rd skein now and so far, have only found a few pieces of grass and no knots!  Kuddos to Lion Brand

If you’ve seen the pattern, you might notice I’ve added a seed stitch border.  Since knit stitches are wider than they are long, the side borders are only 8 stitches wide, while the top and bottom borders will be 12 rows long.  Hopefully, that’ll give me a nice, even border all the way around.  (I even knit a gauge swatch to figure that out, for once. ^.^)

My spring break begins at the end of next week, but I’m still deciding whether to bring my blanket home with me…  If I bring it home, I could probably get a lot done, but I might not be able to bring it back to school afterwards.  The whole point of spring break is to start moving out  :(

– Cristy

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A bit of business first, and then I can finally post something real. ^.^  As you may have noticed, I’ve let the Etsy listings slide into inactive.  But it’s completely intentional!  I’ve realized that it’s practically impossible to cart a full store inventory back and forth, from home to school, several times a year and asking customers to follow my school schedule is a bit ludicrous.  Hopefully, I’ll be able toget back to it within a year or two, when I’ll have a more permanent residence!  Until then, I am always open to custom orders.  Just drop me a line here, via email, or on Etsy, and we can work it out.  Also, if you just like what you’ve seen and want to design something together, I would love the opportunity!

Many, many thanks,

– Cristy


I really, really wish I was participating!  I just completely forgot about it until last night, and none up my upcoming projects seem the right length for the event.  I will, however, be following along and hope that the competitive spirit will motivate me too!  Let’s see, there’s…

– Comfort Cable Blanket – Harblz bought me the yarn, and I’ve been meaning to get it started!  Doubt I’ll finish it in  17 days, but maybe I can get a good start!

– Harblz’s gloves 2.0 – I’d like him to get to use them this year… and it’s already starting to warm up in NC! >.<

– WoW Swap! – Did I forget to mention I signed up for another swap?  Oops.  Well, I did!  My largest item still needs to be designed and made, but it’ll be a new pattern for me to post when I finish it!!  (I know, it’s been so long >.<)  I’ll be keeping mum for the next month or so, at least until my partner receives. :(

– Embroidering – hopefully I’ll have some time to practice….

I can’t wait for it to start!

– Cristy

All you need is love…

(A warning to anyone who may be single, this may be gushy ^.^) Since I’m a lazy bugger, I’m copying the story I’ve already posted on craftster:

The boyfriend and I swore we wouldn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day this year, but last weekend, I slipped some mini knitted hearts into his jacket pocket for him to find (we walk everywhere and i knew we’d have to get dinner that night). And the next morning, I work up and discovered tiny owl earrings that he’d slipped into my ears while I was sleeping! The best part – I was with him constantly after he found the hearts, so I know he thought up the earrings independently.

Are the hearts pretty?

Of course, I was more than happy to use up yarn scraps too!  I think they’d make nice year-round gifts as well, and maybe I’ll surprise my mother with a handful next break!  Oh, and I suppose you’d like a pattern link?  I found them on Ravelry, but there’s also a pdf download link on the author’s own site (in the side bar).  The tiny heart is of my own design, but I merely adapted the method described in the pattern.  I’m not actually sure why it’s so tiny… >.>

The yarns are:

– Cascade 220 in ivory (8010-7408), leftover from the boyfriend’s hat

– Vanna’s Choice in brick, the last tiny ball from a blanket I made a few years ago

I love how Cascade photographs in good lighting… the wool makes them glow ^.^  The cup I’m keeping them in was picked up from some local thrift store.  I think I’d been looking at too much embroidered porcelain that week, but it makes a very pretty prop!

Okay, one more!

Time to go get psyched for the Olympics!!  (Team Colbert, all the way!)

<3 Cristy

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Snow and Fiber, what could be better?

It snowed in NC!!  Forgive my child-like excitement, but that never happens!  Not like this, anyways.  Five inches of pure, fluffy, whiteness.  I even managed to get a picture before the hordes of snowball-throwing college kids descended.  It’s 3am in this photo, but the sky is so amazing.

I also just got my Christmas present from my boyfriend!  He’s clever, got me exactly what I wanted. :p  (I only had to tell him ^.^)  I promise I have a plan for all this yarn…  But it’s 8 whole skeins of Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Spice!  My roommate is going to think I have a disturbing obsession with orange!

Then, because the goof went and lost the gloves I made for him, he went to the local yarn store in his home town, and found the exact same yarn for me to make him a new pair.  Let no one say he doesn’t pay attention!  And he gave me a bribe to persuade me to actualy make the second pair. :p  A second ball of yarn!  Of Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca, no less. ^.^  And the dark grey color is perfect too.  This is why I love my boyfriend, because he knows what I like and, not only accepts it, but supports it.  (Shaddup, I know Valentine’s is weeks away and I’m being preemptively gushy.  It’s the alpaca high, I swear.)

I’m going to go back to petting my yarn now… Night!

– Cristy

Mmmm, Craftster.

If you obsessively check Craftster as much as I do, you might’ve seen my crafting roundup posts!  I really love the Craftster community and it’s always such a great resources for ideas, questions, and just browsing other peoples’ awesome work.  Since I already stalk the hell out of the site, I thought I ought to reciprocate with a few posts of my own…  Just the bigger projects, anyways. (And it’s really nice to see everything I’ve done at once, makes me feel accomplished!)

All of my Knitting

A whole bunch of Crochet

Some spinning (hopefully I’ll have more next year!)

Hopefully I can attempt to keep this up on roughly a monthly basis, instead of having to do it a year at a time… >.<

<3 and I’ll be back this afternoon!

– Cristy

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