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Paper Embroidery

Anyone else in a stitching mood?  I blame the warmer weather….  Unfortunately, I left my waste fabric at home and I didn’t want to ruin good fabric with practicing, so I “spruced up” some old drawings! ^.^  I like them enough but, well, you be the judge.

This minotaur look like he needed some color.  And I didn’t just want to surround him in lazy daisies and swirls but, rather, keep some of the fierceness.

Haha, yes, I really did just add four spots of red.  I think I liked this drawing too much to play with it :p  I have long lecture classes tomorrow, maybe I’ll get some doodling done that I won’t worry about messing up.

Of course, I should also acknowledge the original artist, whose work I mostly just redrew: DeviantArt

Also, a turtle!  (I believe I drew it from a photo in a National Geographic.)  He was so grumpy looking!  (And he’s the boyfriend’s favorite of everything on this page!)

I wish I had more than just that one color of green embroidery floss…  The lighter green is actually mercerized cotton crochet thread, so it’s thicker, horribly splitty and even tore once.  Ack..  Oh, and you’ve seen it before!  Can you see the irises?  They’re green too!  Excuse the weird brown-yellow smudges; there’s a colored pencil drawing facing this page and the pigment transfered.

Yeah, I was really in the mood to stitch…  But there’s only one more, I promise!  This is just a freeform doodle.  I needed some chain stitch practice and buttonhole circles are just pretty.

So that’s chain stitch around the center circle, backstitch as its radii, and buttonhole all around.  I wish the chain sttich wasn’t quite as obscured… but now I know for next time.  Hey, I might even use more colors in the future! ^.^

– Cristy

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