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Weekend Spinning

The night before I left home, I managed to get some spinning done on my wheel!  It’s a mix of montedale and mohair, and it’s *gorgeous* and extremely airy, especially when drafting.  (The first two pictures are what I get for taking photos at 2am…)

And I know some people like to see the yarn on the bobbin…

But I managed to get a few more pictures the morning we left (at 8 am..), so these were taken just as the winter sun was rising.

If I’d been thinking, I would’ve gotten yardage, wpi, etc, but I’m fairly certain it’s fingering or sport weight.  And this is just a vague guess, but somewhere around 100 yds?

And isn’t the sheen lovely?  I think it’s the mohair.  (Seriously, I couldn’t stop petting the fiber…)

Now I just need to fine the perfect pattern for the yarn…  (And luckily, yardage really isn’t an issue, since this is just a fraction of the fiber I have left!)  It has to be something special.  I’d say a lacy shawl, but I’m not really a shawl-wearing kind of person, and I really do want to enjoy what I make.  (I will eventually love shawls, just give me a few more years decades…)  A special afghan or wrap might be nice for reading though…  Suggestions would be greating appreciated!!

– Cristy

PS – Current projects are a hat for the boyfriend, gloves for me, and my mother’s scarf, so expect updates on those too!

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