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Project: Scarf Hanger

Yep, I finished my project and I’m posting when I said I would!  (One of my goals for this year, as well as a few others…)  It’s just a hanger for scarves, gloves, or anything else you might want to organize!  I’ve already used mine to move back to college after winter break, and it’s so much easier being able to grab everything at once!  The best part is that it can either lay flat or be folded up for storage (just accordion fold up from the bottom).  The concept is relatively simple, but I’ve written up a whole walk-through which should hopefully clear up any questions.  Since I started getting wordy,

And look how compact everything is!  (Plus I still have room for the rest of my scarves, another pair of gloves, a few hats….)

I’ve also search the interwebs for anything similar, but only Ikea has something similar.  Their Komplement, a “multi-use hanger,” serves the same purpose, but I’m not sure how theirs is made…  Either way, they’re asking for $8, plus shipping, while my project is, essentially, free!  (Does that mean I win? :p )

Right, I’ll stop dwaddling and get to the intructions.  Basic details are here, but how to crochet around the rings will follow in another post.  (I like to keep these post down to a page or two… Keeps me from digressing. ^.^)  Again, here are the materials I hinted at:

Well, when I was actually executing this, I realized the buttons were unneccessary and swapped them for a plastic hanger.  My original idea was to crochet a chain to hang the rings from my closet bar and use a button to make the whole affair moveable, but I realized I needed something stiff across the top.  A plastic hanger was the easiest solution, but any rod (chopstick, lonely knitting needle, really long pencil…) would also suffice!

The plastic rings were suprisingly easy to procure!  Most department stores display their scarves looped around large plastic rings and then hung on the wall so, the day before Christmas Eve, after my local mall had been properly ransacked, I stole a purseful of leftover, lonely rings.  (I even managed to enlist my brother’s help, and he has big guy pockets!)  You’ll definitely want to make sure yours are all the same size though!  You could also use cheap bangles (metal or plastic) and they really don’t even need to be circles…  Squares or, turned sideways, diamonds would look sweet too!

Finally, I suggest cotton yarn.  Basically, it’s washable, air dries, and isn’t as likely to leave stray fibers anywhere.  And it’s usually available in “bathrooom” colors (clinical white, bathtub blue, locker room beige…)  I’m using Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream in Soft Teal.

(Peaceful intermission picture)

So, here are your instructions:  Crochet around rings, link rings, hang rings, finished!  Seriously, it’s that easy, and since you’re just single crochetting around each one, it’s fast!  Just looking at the quickly growing stack of finished rings made me feel accomplished.  I’d suggest leaving a long tail (6-8 inches) so it’s easier to thread the yarn needle and link the rings.  Also, since there are more links than there are rings, you’ll need to cut a few lengths of yarn for those extra links.

Did I mention this is ridiculously fast too?  I finished everything, including pictures, in less that 24 hours real time, which includes sleeping, eating, and interacting with the family.

Oh, and you’d probably like a picture of the hanger by itself, huh…

Oh, and I kept myself to 9 rings, but any multiple of 3 fits nicely on a hanger.  Or a gigantic one on the back of a closet door for shoes too…  Anyways, I wish you all a pleasant week and I’ll be back in an hour or so to demonstrate crocheting in the rings.

– Cristy

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7 thoughts on “Project: Scarf Hanger

  1. saeid rezaei on said:

    hi your ideia is very nice
    i made a new hanger for scarf
    send for me your e mail

  2. Hi Saeid!

    My email is available under the “About Me” page in the top right hand corner.


    – Cristy

  3. In Soviet Russia, good work Komplements you!

  4. Belva Miller on said:

    I’m disappointed that you “stole” your rings to make this! Maybe some of you out there could “ask” the management for the rings instead of “stealing” them. C’mon you guys….

  5. It would have been nice if u show a picture making it?. I’m a new beginner .

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