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Finished – Gamer Gloves!

I finally finished them about two nights ago, and my brother’s been wearing them ever since!  He even tried to take them to dinner before I had the ends woven in…  Unfortunately, it’s made it a bit hard to take pictures, but I have lots of action photos!

I call this one “Portrait of a Gamer.”  Mouth agape, yet eyes strangely focused…

My brother’s also asked me to add some marker to distinguish between the right and left, but it’ll probably be something simple, like a stripe across the top of each wrist.  I used Jen’s surprisingly strechy bindoff (featured on Knitty).  It creates a ridge where you bind off, but my brother hasn’t complained about it…

I love both pairs that I’ve made so far, enough that I’m considering a pair for myself too…  I just need to choose a color. ^.^  But for right now, I’m just happy my brother loves his new gloves!

– Cristy

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One thought on “Finished – Gamer Gloves!

  1. Yay, thanks

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