Tossed Cookies

Gamer Gloves

I started my brother’s gloves a few days ago.  I’d meant to spend most of this week finishing my mother’s scarf, but apparently, she gets Thursday and Friday off of work, so I couldn’t really get to it…  But look!  A whole glove finished!

And it the proportions look monstrously off, it’s because they are!  My brother has huge hands, but only wanted the fingers to come to the first knuckle because it interferes less with typing and video game controls.  My hand, in comparison:

I’ve started the matching pair, so hopefully I’ll be finished by tonight or tomorrow!  Then, maybe more working on the Swirls Scarf or I’ll start a new project I have planned.  It’s something very new and pattern-less, so I can actually do a tutorial too ^.^  Oh, and recycled, so I’m even being green.

– Cristy

Currently Listening to: “The Spark of Ignition” –  Beautiful Sin

PS: Happy New Year!  I’m still working on resolutions…


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