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Lint Bunny – Now in Cowl Form!

I managed to start, finish, and wrap the Lint Bunny Cowl the day before Christmas Eve Day!  (My mother gets Christmas Day, so we opened gifts with him Christmas Eve)  It was close though; my father came home an hour earlier than I expected and I had to wrap the present in the guest room…

The pattern is the Overpass Cowl, which can be found on Ravelry too.  It’s sort of reversable (in that both sides look nice, but they’re not the same) and I slightly prefer the opposite version of the picture posted with the pattern.

According to my father, it’s *extremely* warm, and fits under his motorcycle helmet!  Go me! ^.^  And sorry for the freakishly close pictures…  Between teenager-dom and bad lighting, my brother’s hair looks really greasy and I’ll spare the internet that much.

Finally, this post makes 10 in December!  And I still have more planned by the time this month is up so, despite my week long absence in the middle, I’ve officially made my month’s goal!  Hrmmmmm, now for a New Year’s resolution…

– Cristy

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One thought on “Lint Bunny – Now in Cowl Form!

  1. Greasy, bah get a new camera, I look like Ninja Gaiden

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