Tossed Cookies

A Crafty Christmas Tree

While my family’s not strictly religious (or, hell, religious whatsoever..), we like to get into the spirit and usually put up a tree!

It’s mostly handmade ornaments, many of which come from my brother’s and my kindergarten years of thumbprint reindeers and pompom snowmen.  But I promise not to subject you to that!

Instead, these are the ornaments we’ve had for years (19 years, in fact).  There are angels, bells, hats, snowflakes, etc.

They’re all hand crocheted or beaded, and I guess they’d be heirlooms, really.   (Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to make the beaded snowflakes…  I guess I’ll have to ask my mother.)

I do know I plan on continuing the tradition when I have my own house and tree.  Although I think I’ll have knit sweaters and socks and crocheted snowflakes…  It will be a very fibery tree :)  Maybe even icord garland?  Good grief, it might have to be a mini tree…  Oh!  And some socks should be Hanukkah or Kwanzaa colors, most definitely.  I am such a compulsive planner…

Happy (politically correct) Holiday!

– Cristy


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