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Lint Bunny!

For my father’s Christmas gift this year, I thought it would be most appropriate to incorporate my spinning wheel (since he gave it to me..) but I couldn’t exactly hand him a skein of yarn and expect him to learn to knit too.  I think I’ll be knitting him either a manly cowl or a hat, since he needs something warm for motorcycle riding and, well, it’s really, really hard to find things to knit for guys!

So this is the fiber I’ve been spinning that I’ve been (affectionately) calling Lint Bunny!

It’s a dark brown Montadale Black Lamb and some other fiber blend.  But mostly Mostadale, to the best of my knowlege…  It has some bits of straw and spurs in it, but I’ve been picking it out as I go, so it shouldn’t end up in the final knitted product.  But the fiber itself is so soft and lovely!

But it’s actually spinning up into a nice, chocolate-y brown!  I’ve got over 130yds, and even though I tried for a nice worsted weight, it’s definitely got some variety… ^.^  I just can’t help but spin fingering sometimes!

All ready to get knitting!

– Cristy

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