Tossed Cookies

Chani – Finished!

Wow, that was a surprisingly fast knit…  I actually originally intended that this be a project to work on between Christmas gifts, but look, she’s already done!  She fits wonderfully too, so I definitely need to remember to get back to the yarn store and thank the wonderful woman who told me to frog the first hat and cast on with about 30 less stitches. ^.^

I did end up essentially copying the Tanjalee hat from Ravelry.  The only difference being that I cast on 100 stitches and, after the ribbing and stockinette, my first decrease round had only 4 (evenly spaced) decreases to get me to a multiple of 12.  I also had to work the last few rows loosely on size 6 double points, since I don’t have size 8 double points yet.  And if you’re wondering why I needed a multiple of 12…  (although multiples of 6 would work just as well)

See?  I’m a happy knitter!  And job satisfaction really is the most important thing.


– Cristy

PS – Just because I can, here’s a gratuitous faux artsy shot.  (I realize my recent posts have been very image heavy and I truly apologize to anyonewith dial-up.  I also recommend Road Runner…)

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