Tossed Cookies

‘Tis the Season!

Wow…. Did I really just miss almost all of November?  Ouch…  Well, I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving and is excited (or, at least, prepared) to start gearing up for Christmas (or Hanukah or Kwanzaa or the Month of Gifts, like at my house).  Also, in the spirit of this being the first of the month, I’m setting a goal or 15-20 posts in December.  And, with Christmas gifts to make, it should definitely be a fairly reachable goal!

But first, let’s catch up on my past month, in twenty words or less:  1 year anniversary with the boyfriend, new fall allergies, first new winter wardrobe in over 3 years, 3 exams, and missing you guys.  (And if you don’t count the numbers, it’s exactly 20!)

Oh, and I got the sweetest compliment the other day (from  guy, no less)!  He saw my Fetching Gloves and said I should really make more and sell them!  Well, I didn’t tell him the pattern’s not mine, but maybe I’ll get my own pattern and fill out the Etsy a little more. ^.^  I really enjoy making gloves, and since I realized I love working with Cascade 220 (more on that later), this could be a really fun project.

Until then, here’s my Christmas gift roundup.  Let’s just hope I can finish everything in time…

For my lovely mother – She’s asked for a warm scarf in “her style”, which is really very different from mine.   For example, she can look through a catalogue from Anthropologie for hours, but I prefer Express or PoppyPia (just discovered them last weekend).  So I emailed my brother with a few pictures from Ravelry and the Anthropologie site and made him pick one!  What?!  He has surprisingly good fashion sense!  We chose the Swirls Shawl from Jojoland Yarn, except I’m using a local brand of yarn, Three Waters Farm.  If you’re in the Chapel Hill area, their products are also sold at Yarns, Etc and the Carrboro Farmers’ Market.  (Wow, this is turning link heavy…)  Mine is a gorgeous 100% Merino dyed Red Maple.  If my most unrealistic dreams were to come true and I could own a sheep, it would be a merino, preferably a horned merino, because I love them so…  Anyways, I’m hoping I’ll have enough for a scarf.  I love how subtly this yarn is variegated!

For my brother – Not sure yet… He’s requested a pair of black “hobo” gloves but black is such a boring color.  Maybe a fuzzy charcoal grey?

For my father – Well, since he bought me a spinning wheel, I’m definitely more than a little obligated to use it for this gift.  Except, I can’t just hand him a shein of handspun and expect him to learn to knit…  But I’ve also noticed that he has very few fiber-y items.  I think that, since he moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts, he doesn’t consider our winters to be cold enough to bother with scarves, sweaters, and warm hats.  However, he does have a few fiber items he either treasures or wears frequently.  Now, I don’t want to even attempt to beat the blankets his great grandmother crocheted for him when he was seven…  But he also has a small collection of machine knitted cowls, (useful for late winter night motorcyles riding!), so I think I’ll add to that collection.  Patterns I’m considering on Ravelry: Cowl’d and Frosty Morning and Man (or Anyone) Cowl.

As for the boyfriend, less immediate family members, and a few friends, I’m still completely undecided. (Gah!)  The clock is ticking…

Happy December!

– Cristy


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