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Stripey Arm Warmers with Pattern!!

Ha!  I’m back!  The worst part is that it’s not for lack of material, but simply time constraints…  Anyways, I bring pictures and a pattern/formula.  But first, you have to listen to my story telling…

I made these arm warmers a few years ago, back when I was still learning and figuring things out.  Surprisingly, I got lucky and they’re really quite nice!  The best part is that, because they’re so simple, they can be easily customized for any wearer.  So, armed with only the knowledge of knit, purl, and simple math, and the willingness to knit a gauge swatch, you too can make your very own customized pair of arm warmers!  Besides, aren’t they lovely?  (Yes, yes I am silly.)   The pattern’s after the jump.


<3 Cristy

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For the lazier of you, here’s my pattern, exactly as I made mine:

Yarn:  I used cheap, vintage acrylic that was passed down to me from some unknown (and not particularly well liked, apparently..) great aunt.  The two colors aren’t weren’t even the same brand!  But any worsted weight yarn should be fine.  I’d recommend Vanna’s Choice or Encore Worsted, but you could probably even get away with Red Heart…  Yarn will be held doubled throughout.

Needles: 8 US straight needles (you could do this on circulars but switch to knitting back and forth for the thumbhole)

Gauge: 3.5 stitches per inch horizontally, 6 stitches per inch vertically

CO 36 stitches (loosely or use an elastic method like long tail cast on)

Knit/purl 26 rows in stockinette stitch.  If you want stripes, place them where you like!  I started with dark blue for 6 rows, light for 4 rows, etc for the entire length of my arm warmers.

On the 27th row, continue in stockinette but decrease every 4 stitches (*k4, ktog*).

Continue in stockinette for 39 more rows.  Bind off and you’re done!


Alright, ready for the mathier version?  It’s really very easy, I promise.  All measurements are imperial (inches, feet, etc.)  I may get around to converting it… maybe >.>

1-Knit a gauge swatch to figure out the stitches per inch (or just use the yarn label :p  )

2- Measure the circumference around your forearm, just below the elbow.  Add one inch and multiply by the number of stitches per inch horizontally.  Find the closest multiple of 6 (6, 12, 18, etc).  Subtract 2.

3- CO that number of stitches.

4- Now, to figure out where to place the decrease row and when to bind off, measure from where the bases of your fingers meet your palms to your inside elbow.  (Doesn’t need to be exact!)

5- Take the length measurement, multiply by the vertical number of stitches per inch.  That’s the total number of rows to knit.  Multiply the total number by 3, divide by 7, and round to the nearest whole number.  That’s your decrease row!

6- To work the decrease row, simply *k4, ktog*, k4 to the end.

Mmmm, math is yummy.  And easy when it’s broken into steps!  Goodluck, and I hope my instructions were clear.


Much love,

– Cristy


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One thought on “Stripey Arm Warmers with Pattern!!

  1. I came across your article while looking up the word “fetching”. I never new knitting was so involved!


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