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Stripey Arm Warmers with Pattern!!

Ha!  I’m back!  The worst part is that it’s not for lack of material, but simply time constraints…  Anyways, I bring pictures and a pattern/formula.  But first, you have to listen to my story telling…

I made these arm warmers a few years ago, back when I was still learning and figuring things out.  Surprisingly, I got lucky and they’re really quite nice!  The best part is that, because they’re so simple, they can be easily customized for any wearer.  So, armed with only the knowledge of knit, purl, and simple math, and the willingness to knit a gauge swatch, you too can make your very own customized pair of arm warmers!  Besides, aren’t they lovely?  (Yes, yes I am silly.)   The pattern’s after the jump.


<3 Cristy

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I finally finished Fetching!

Oh, alliteration, how I love thee.  But look, I finished my gloves!  Again, the pattern is the ever-so-popular Fetching from Knitty.  Like many commenters on Ravelry, I had to twist the stitches to tighten up small holes around the thumb gusset.  But I did find the gusset itself to be a lot easier than I expected, so maybe I’ll start trying some more difficult patterns!  I know the boyfriend would really like a pair of gloves…  Or a cashmere scarf ^.^


Now that I’ve got them all finished, I think I want to go back and overdye them with a deeper red.  Hopefully, it will mellow out the degree of varigation and make the cables stand out more.  I’m thinking… black cherry or tropical punch?

Finally, because I’m so very pleased with myself, a picture of the happy knitter…  (yes, I know the colors look odd with my shirt >.<)


Much love and a promise of a post tomorrow too!

– Cristy

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