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Simply drowning in fiber….

big, Big, BIG news after the jump!  I’m terribly excited!

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My newest love: Thread Crochet!

I promised I’d be back, didn’t I?  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Remember my necklace on the Uniform Project?  Well, Katya contacted me when she saw it, demanding requesting one!


Actually, she was fantastically patient with me, and I really hope she loves it when it arrives.  (Say hi to my rommie’s Michael poster!)


I also brought the necklace by my local yarn store (Yarns Etc.) and they absolutely loved it, so maybe I’ll get some more orders!  And look for a custom order listing on Etsy sometime today or tomorrow.  Like the picture of me?  Those are few a far between…


The necklace above inspired (or spawned, if you prefer) these earrings!  Which should also find themselves on Etsy sometime by the end of this week, once I think of a name…  I’m thinking something berry-related, but I’m not sure.


Either way, I really loved photographing them in odd places around my yard.  My poor neighbors probably think I escaped from the nuthouse down the street.  (Yes, I do actually live near some sort of private asylum.  It’s in a house though, so we’re not entirely sure.  Sketch, very sketch.)  So, windchimes:


A tree:  (Taking them off was just like picking berries!  Also, I see Christmas potential)


I have a ridiculous number of pictures, so going trough them for the Etsy listing is goung to be tough…  But the weather was so nice, and my camera was so cooperative!


Oh, you thought I was done?  No, sorry.  I said I owed you guys a big post, and i’m delivering!  Here’s a sneak peek of my next knitting project.  It’s the Liesel pattern from Yummy Yarn, which has really helped give my hands a break from all of this tiny crochet work.  Sorry it’s so hard to see the pattern; I’ll definitely be blocking the hell out of this one.


Alright, that’s all for today, I think.  But since today is the first day of Fall Break, I should be very active this week!  I wish we had more than 4 days for break though…

– Cristy


Sorry for the silent treatment, guys, but I promise I’ll be back on Wednesday.  This is midterm season for me, so between disease, a few custom orders, and school, I’ve been keeping busy.  But since Fall Break starts in three more days, I’ll be back in full force.  (Or, hopefully, even stronger!)

Much frizzled love,

– Cristy

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