Tossed Cookies

Meet Chani!

No, I’m not bringing in a guest writer…  I just (finally) named my new fiber!

Fiber Story:  I thought the colors and feel of the yarn (soft and very wispy) were very evocative of a Shadow Priest.  Particularly, Chani, the priest Harry plays sometimes.  Hence the name.  Also, he got the name from a character from the novel Dune, by Frank Herbert, which is widely considered to be one of the best sci-fi novels ever written.  Since I’ve been feeling very geeky this week, I find it all rather fitting.

A Shadow Priest, but not Chani:


And in shadow form:


And finally, the actual fiber!  I spun up a quarter of the fiber first, to make sure I liked the blending colors, so this is only 17 yards or so.


I think the yarn drifts between Sport and Worsted weight…


And finally, before plying:


And once I finish spinning the second half, I get to find a suitable pattern!  I wonder, if I made several more of these, would they do well on Etsy?


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